Are you ready to be more audacious?

Audrey is for women who dream of a better job, running a business, travelling, having a different lifestyle, a life with more meaning… It’s an online magazine full of inspiration and advice, plus a community for women who want to explore hopes and dreams, share tips and resources and ‘cheerlead’ each other along the way.

At Audrey our catch-phrase is ‘be audacious’, meaning follow your dreams and be fearless and bold - it’s our version of ‘carpe diem’. We are seizing the opportunity as we hit midlife to reinvent ourselves. For previous generations, our mums and grandmothers, this life stage was a challenging one, but we’re determined to have a second bite of the cherry. Instead of a bleak time of life, it’s a window to jump right through and do things we maybe haven’t had the freedom or inclination to do for years - travel, explore, self-reinvent and rediscover ourselves.

And Audrey is full of useful content to galvanise you. In INSPIRATION we share stories of women who’ve stepped out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams or change their life and the wisdom they’ve learnt in the process.

In RESTART we’ve got expert practical advice on everything from exploring a new passion to working out your next steps in a major life overhaul, from making time for side projects to financial planning for change. There are loads of expert blogs giving a wide variety of writers the opportunity to share their personal perspectives on Audrey issues, while problems are explored in ADVICE. And you’ll get tips on how to look and feel better in YOU, from how to meditate to the joy of wearing red lipstick. Watch out for more Audrey innovations in the coming months that will give you the chance to get more involved.

Co-founded by editor and journalist Marina Gask and Animas-trained transformational coach, business adviser and tax accountant Faye Watts, whether you're stuck in a rut or have already found your way out of it, you’ll find Audrey a breath of air. Dive in!

Life is finite. Do it now.

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Welcome to the Audrey online community, a space to join the conversation about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something audacious.