All About Audrey

All About Audrey

What is Audrey? We’re glad you asked. A force for good in a challenging world, Audrey is an online platform and members’ club for women who long to make a big, bold change - or are already in the process.

Do you ever feel that there must be more to life? Are you at the point of contemplating where you’re at and thinking “Is this it?”. Maybe you’ve done the career, had the kids, lived the lifestyle, had the fun… but for some reason you’re still not feeling fulfilled. You want to do something else, but you’re not sure what. Or maybe you know what that ’something’ is but can’t quite work out how to fit it into your life. Perhaps you’d love the chance to make your mark or make a difference - or delve into a long lost skill or passion and see where it takes you.

If this sounds like you, let Audrey guide, inspire and galvanise you into making your big ‘something’ happen.

Audrey is for you…

If you’re a start up If you’re writing a book If you’ve started a side hustle If you’re changing careers If you love meeting like-minded women If you want to live a more meaningful life if you want to pursue a passion If you are going through a big life change If you want to live more adventurously If you’ve ever wondered if there’s something more for you out there If you’re reevaluating your life and how you want to spend it If you want the chance to make your mark or make a difference If you need expert advice to help you think things through If you’re sick of being told what you shouldn’t be doing at your age If you need support from women going through similar things to you If you want SOMETHING ELSE but you’re just not sure what.

With articles, confidence-boosting exercises, inspiring stories and expert advice, Audrey is a resource for any woman who wants to give her life a reboot, or feel a bit less alone while doing so.

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Become a member and you’ll get access to a whole world of support to help you on your journey of self-exploration, from live Q&As with coaches who can address your most challenging questions directly, to discounts on life-enhancing events, to the chance to share your story with women all over the world, as well as getting to connect and socialise with like-minded women in a safe and friendly space. There’s also our Book Club, where authors share their wisdom on getting published. All this plus an exclusive discount on joining one of our Restart Club coaching groups to help you nail your future plans.