by Tony Crabbe

As the title suggests, you don’t pick this book up because you are leading a peaceful, uneventful life – but don’t let this be an obstacle!

One of the first chapters even addresses this issue, and I admit that at first I found it difficult to set time aside to read anything other than a quick check of the online news. So a book? While not on holiday? You can forget it…

Very quickly though, Tony Crabbe introduces useful tips to change your language and help relearn habits picked up over the years – ten of them in fact to get you started, and all very easy to filter seamlessly into your life; cut out one meeting a week, watch the clock, so time doesn’t slip away and block out interruptions such as email notifications – tips like this will help transform your productivity levels.

An early takeaway for me was that answering “Busy” when asked how one is, even if preceded by “Really good…” is far from a badge of honour, but actually a negative, uninviting response that suggests you are managing your time poorly.

But the all out real game changer for me was the realisation that other people’s urgencies and priorities are not my own. I don’t have to drop everything because someone has impressed something of importance to them onto me. Having recently started a business with lots of different clients, projects and industries all working at different speeds, that was a real learning curve for me.

I found by taking stock, delegating more and blocking out my time without interruptions I’ve been tons more productive. My work/home life balance is being restored, I have more time and feel less overwhelmed – my house is tidier, my family see me more, I’m calmer, my clients are happy and my business is growing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to take back control of your life of being “too busy”. It could be a game-changer!

Rochelle Dallas