DECLUTTER: The Get-real Guide To Creating Calm From Chaos

Declutter: The Get-real Guide To Creating Calm From Chaos
By Debora Robertson

As someone who works at a desk so piled high with books, coffee cups and bits of paper that I can hardly find space for my keyboard, decluttering is something of a sore point. I get round to doing it when things get really bad, but can’t ever stick to clutter-free habits. But this book makes me feel understood and that’s what makes it different from the rest – it’s written for people like me, who don’t dream of the perfect home but just want to sort the flotsam from the jetsam and live in a home that’s tidy enough to enjoy. And find things.

Debora Robertson is not only a good writer, she’s a funny and perceptive one who seems to be able see right into my very soul when describing the chaos many of us live in – and why. Unlike some decluttering books this one doesn’t make you feel like a freak or an overgrown infant for living messily and holding onto all that stuff we accumulate, which are of course a reflection of our inner lives.

Using a decluttering journal to write down all those difficult feelings we struggle with when having to let go of possessions that are no longer useful, and providing a ton of practical and realistic tips for getting your house in order, this is the most fun I’ve had reading about decluttering, like, ever. Now there’s just the small matter of tackling my messy house.

Marina Gask