Do It Or Ditch It
by Bev James

I’m not usually someone prone to procrastination but I still have moments of doubt when deciding on whether to proceed with something, and this book tells it straight, Do It or Ditch It! In this book, the author Bev James, CEO of The Coaching Academy, shares some simple techniques for making your mind up.

If you are passionate about doing something, this book will help you to recognise opportunities and take action when the time is right. Finding what you are passionate about is sometimes the hardest bit and the book offers a very pragmatic approach to help you make decisions focusing on your core values and encourages you to believe in yourself if you want to achieve something. It’s particularly fitting if you’re in business or about to start something new.

I like the straightforward way this book is written and the simple step-by-step process. It is very easy to read and dip into when you need a quick pep-talk, so it doesn’t need to be read in one sitting. Bev James uses coaching methods and profiling to teach you to plan and prioritise in order to get things done without fuss and just ‘do it.’ And she explains how to ditch an idea if it doesn’t have legs and how you should feel no shame either.

The techniques and examples she uses allow you to ask yourself if something really matters and how to trust and use your instincts when you know it’s good, and how letting go of what doesn’t work or what doesn’t suit you is so important. She also explores the DISC personality tool and how it helps you to recognise your characteristics and those of others around you and how that influences your behaviour and decisions.

This is a very practical clear book with some personal stories thrown in. She’s a gutsy woman who has achieved what she wanted with a little audacity and conviction, and for me this is a great reminder to do the same. It is aimed more at the business reader but it is relevant for anyone wanting to become more productive and get things done.

Faye Watts