Look Like The Leader You Are: A 7-Step Style Strategy For Ambitious Women
By Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie Edwards’ 7 Rs – the cornerstone of this book – is a simple step by step formula to help you #restart your wardrobe, and right now is a great time to do it. In spite of the title her book is actually suitable for anyone who looks in their wardrobe and feels they have nothing to wear. Lizzie gives some straightforward rules to simplify your planning and streamline your wardrobe.

Although she aims the book at female professionals, the formula Lizzie uses applies to anyone in any career or stage in life where they feel too busy to think about what to wear every day. It’s simply about decluttering and taking stock of your wardrobe, making sure you have the staple items to make any outfit work.

Some of her suggestions you may never do. Me, I’m not a rule follower so I will just use the bits that relate to me. But after reading it back in autumn when the book was released, I’ve found sticking to some of the rules has certainly helped me eliminate the daily chaos of trying to work out what to wear.

Key messages are that no-one looks good in flat ballet pumps at work and there’s no point buying faddy fashion items that will look ridiculous when you wear them a second time. Oh and if it doesn’t fit, get it out of the wardrobe now, which was my biggest learning curve.

This isn’t the most powerful or life-changing read, but if you want to look and feel a bit better then it’s an easy read with simple lessons and changes to follow and adapt. I did my own R and got Rid of loads of stuff I didn’t need and should never own – let alone wear. Recommended if you’re about to start a new job, want a new look or really don’t know what looks good you. It’s the ultimate wardrobe detox.

Faye Watts