How To Work Flexibly Around Your Family Doing What You Love
by Debbie Gilbert

There are, of course, many books about becoming an entrepreneur. Some of them promise you’ll make multi-millions while running your business from a hammock on the beach in Bali, laptop on your knees. There are also other books with the word ‘mumpreneur’ in the title. Whether or not you object to the word (a recent survey said many women find the term patronising), Debbie Gilbert’s book is one you can really trust, because she has been a mumpreneur for over 20 years. No promises, no hammocks – this is about making a good living doing something you love.

In 2011 Gilbert launched Mums UnLtd to support other mumpreneurs, so the advice shared in this book comes from her own experience together with other successful business builders’ insights. And nothing beats the knowledge of someone who’s experienced the highs, lows, pleasures and pitfalls of running their own business.

A blueprint for anyone who has a business idea, or just loves the idea of being their own boss, this book guides you to ask yourself all the right questions and takes you through every step of the start-up process. It’s a nonsense-free guide full of practical advice that ensures you maintain your sanity at the same time as making money and helps you avoid making costly mistakes. The advice is constructive, the solutions straightforward and the input invaluable, whatever stage you’re at with your business.

Gilbert’s tone is warm but direct, no-messing, waffle-free and interspersed with mumpreneurs’ stories, making it a very readable mix. No wonder this book has been shortlisted for the 2019 Business Book Awards.