By Arianna Huffington

I picked up Thrive by Arianna Huffington at the perfect time, just before my busiest month of the year. Just a few pages in and I’m already reminded that life is not about work and status but about looking after your own self and prioritising life values. Usually I overwork every January, but is my year to really take care of my health and relationships – and work less.

Arianna Huffington starts the book by recalling her own burnout, when she was trying to be so career-minded and dedicated to her job that she missed out on family opportunities. Hearing this from such a high profile and successful woman had a powerful effect – if she’s had to reprioritise, so should I.

While reading the book, you really feel that Arianna Huffington is speaking to you. It’s a bit wordy and can feel repetitive in some sections, but is still a great read, especially as it’s such a personal account of her journey. This book is an international bestseller and although it was published a few years ago it still feels very current.

The main premise of the book is the use of her story, the stories of others and opinions of experts in the field to ask how the world today measures success. She talks through different techniques she has used and recommends, to re-focus our thinking and improve energy and health. Although I know it already, it was a welcome wake up call to get my priorities in order this year when I intend to be more harmonious and mindful and take better care of myself.

So not a fun book but reading it is the perfect way of making a New Year’s resolution to take care of yourself. Like every book I read, if you can take one small thing away from it, it is worth the time and effort.

Faye Watts