Ever noticed how some days everything seems to go right and you’re totally ‘on it’ when it comes to whatever you’re trying to achieve – and some days getting anything done feels like wading through treacle? This is all down to the state of our electro magnetic energy – the unseen layers of energy that emanate from our body. This energy is only ever in one of three states, explains holistic therapist Jo Tocher.

“Flow is when everything runs well, we catch the bus, we get paid on time – those days when everything goes right. We feel joy, confidence and empowerment and are at the top of the energy scale.

The next energy state is Resistance, which is one step forwards two steps back. We’re trying to get somewhere but something’s pulling us back. And that something is your own personal default emotional programme that often keeps you stuck.

The third state is Reversal – you’re being pulled back by something big, a trauma from your past or even your birth. And that’s when you’re at the bottom of the energy scale, stuck in mental sludge and nothing ‘clicks’. Quite simply it’s no way to be. Being in reversal when we know we’ve got a deadline, or a project, or a creative idea to explore will give us feelings of fear, powerlessness or overwhelm. Not motivated in the slightest”.

Here are two ways to change your energy:

Get into your flow through daily affirmations. For inspiration go to www.headspace.com, or the ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations app. “Or just try repeating ‘I’m empowered, I’m confident, I’m excited, I allow this into my energy in all forms and all levels’. And repeat it three times minimum. It’s better if you say them out loud because the vibrations of your voice carry into your energy better. This is a great way to calm and ground yourself if you’re stressed about your day” says Jo.

We can also use meditation for 10 minutes every morning before starting the day. Says Jo: “Get in a comfortable position then ground yourself by taking deep breaths through the nose, all the way from the stomach up into the top of the lungs (by the collarbones) where all the cortisone and adrenaline is stored, then releasing it all out in long slow powerful breaths out. While doing this just focus on the breaths. When your mind scampers off like a puppy just focus back on the breath, how it feels coming into the body and then exhaling through the mouth. Notice all the sensations.

Take five deep breaths like this every morning to get you back in your grounded state. Then when you feel calm, let your breathing come back to normal and stick with it. Be mindful of what you can smell, taste, and with your eyes closed what you can see. Let your hearing run out to the furthest sound and listen without judgement. When ready to come back into the moment, slowly open your eyes and you’ll feel much more grounded”.

These two techniques enable you to get yourself into the calm place in the middle of the energetic scale. It allows your body to just be and to relax. And from here you can get yourself up to the top end of the scale – to get in your flow – by doing the Harvard Power Stance. Says Jo: “Stand with your shoulders back, head up and a big smile and say ‘I’m ready to feel confident, excited and empowered about this project and I allow this into my energy in all forms and all levels and all points in time’.” Yes it may sound daft, yes it may feel dafter but this actually works, says Jo. “Your body’s opening out, the smile releases endorphins and the words psychologically are doing their work, taking you up the emotional vibrational scale. Those words are really powerful. So stand up, head and shoulders back, open up your chest and let the heart energy emanate – it really helps your energy field and gets you in your flow”.

Jo Tocher Holistics jotocherholistics.com

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