Dare To Tri
By Louise Minchin

I love this book. Why? Because I see so much of me in Louise Minchin’s oomph and competitiveness. The only difference being I’m a wimp and don’t have the balls to compete any more in physical challenges. Last year I took on the Prudential 100 Mile Ride London in the freezing cold and pouring rain. Grim and gruelling, it was utterly exhilarating to finish in the Mall and get my medal. But I’m not sure I could do it again. Which makes me admire Louise all the more, starting as an older amateur with only teenage competitive experience and ending up competing at a high level.

Set a challenge to race in a velodrome along with other BBC News presenters, Louise found it awakened her desire for competition. This was a pivotal moment and the start of her triathlon journey. Her subsequent story of bravery, conviction and guts is inspiring and enjoyable to read.

The title of this book will resonate with many of you, because daring is half the battle and taking on sporting challenges in midlife is so very Audrey. With any dream or plan once you’ve nailed the daring bit, like Louise’s story testifies, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and her story is a total inspiration.

And it’s incredible how far daring to take on a challenge can take you. What started as a bit of competitive fun has ended up with Louise representing Great Britain for her age group at the World Triathlon Championships. Louise explores the pivotal moment of coming out of her comfort zone for a festive challenge that then led to life changing decisions and actions.

Louise’s trailblazing pursuits were included in a recent article our editor, Marina, wrote for the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, as Louise is exemplary of Generation Restart – women like us who are taking on challenges and rebooting our lives.

This book is honest, warm and like listening to a friend you’ve known for ages. It’s a personal story of grit and wit, and certainly doesn’t paint a glamorous picture, but that’s sport. It’s a perfect spring read for anyone who needs that final push to take up a sporting challenge.