In 2016 Chrissy Reeves walked away from her career as an NHS manager and launched her business as a life coach, eventually walking out on her marriage too. She has never regretted either decision. Here’s what she learnt in the process…

You need the right people around you.
I have a brilliant best friend and circle of friends who’ve all been so supportive. You only realise how supportive people are when you do something major. Make sure you spend time with friends who understand what you’re trying to achieve and cheer you on.

It’s worth paying for help if you can
I have a therapist and a life coach. At one point I had a divorce coach and spiritual coach too. They were like my team. All of this is costly, but if you want to change the way you live get some help if you can. If your mood’s really low find a therapist. If you feel you need to take some brave steps, go to a coach.

Self-care is essential
As well as using self-hypnosis every day, I use spiritual techniques, meditation and exercise to help stay focussed and positive. When I don’t do these things to support myself my mood drops and everything feels difficult. The hardest thing can be looking after yourself, but it’s essential.

Big change isn’t easy
Humans love certainty, knowing what’s next and having a plan, and that’s something I can’t have. My financial situation is up in the air due to the divorce and I don’t know where I’m gong to live until it’s all sorted out. So half of what I need to do almost on a daily basis is remind myself of how exciting it’s all going to be. No one can kid themselves that making such big change can be easy.

You have to dare to dream
For a long time I didn’t picture anything in the future cos I didn’t dare. Now I have an image in my mind of where I want to be and what kind of place I wasn’t to live and how far it will be from he countryside and the sea. And I know I’ll get there.

Turn anxiety into excitement
Anxiety is on the same frequency as excitement. If you say ‘I’m feeling anxious,’ switch it – say ‘I’m feeling excited about the future and what it might hold’. Write down your feelings in a journal to keep anxiety at bay.

Change is hard but staying unhappy is harder
That’s why I’m sharing my story. Change isn’t easy and I’m not any more successful than the next person. I’ve just been a bit brave and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. But it didn’t feel brave, it felt like I couldn’t possibly stay where I was. I knew I could not survive if I didn’t do something different.

Not making that big change it is far more painful than doing it and failing.

Words: Lisa B