31 mini challenges, one each for 31 days. Go on, take a step out of that comfort zone.

Feeling a bit meh? The dawning of a new year can bring with it a huge pressure to do something amazing and utterly transformational with your life. But if you’re feeling low on confidence and energy, you may feel like curling up in a ball and hiding from the world, so taking a huge audacious step is like NO WAY. Or you may be perfectly happy with your life just as it is, but fancy trying something new. That’s why we’ve launched The Audrey 2020 Challenge, because it’s lots of tiny daily little bite-size actions that push you – ever so slightly – out of your comfort zone, bit by bit. Because change can start small. Says business psychologist and career coach Paula Gardner: “Just doing something new and getting used to it makes you feel braver and more inclined to take bigger steps”.

So all you need to do is commit to doing one mini challenge every day in January. You can choose from the list below, or come up with your own challenges. Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #audrey2020challenge throughout January or email your plans and achievements to us at to help keep you on track.

Mini challenges you could try

• Paint or draw a picture
• Write a detailed description of someone you once met
• Speak to a total stranger
• Listen to a new podcast
• Volunteer at a local charity or homeless shelter
• Book a day off to have lunch out somewhere lovely on your own
• Discover a new sport by joining a group training session
• Book a solo travel adventure
• Put a pound or even a fiver in a box for every day you go without alcohol and treat yourself to something on 1st Feb
• Spend a few hours doing a local park or beach clean up
• Donate a bag of unwanted stuff to a charity shop or local charity in need
• Clear out your sock drawer and pair up all socks – it’s a great way to get in the mood for a bigger clear out
• Sign up for a local community event and meet new people
• Empty the contents of the fridge and throw away all the unwanted junk food you’ll never want to eat
• Write a handwritten letter or thank you card(s)
• Phone or visit a relative for a catch up
• Take ten pictures of random sights throughout the day
• Sign up for a class in something you’ve never done before
• Commit to doing five random acts of kindness
• Visit every art gallery and museum in your area
• Take up knitting
• Write the first paragraph of the story of your life
• Walk a neighbour’s dog
• Research the history of your area
• Become a supporter of a cause that matters to you
• Make a fairy castle from items in your recycling bin
• Cook something challenging
• Contact an old friend from your distant past
• Research a career that interests you
• Draw a cartoon of yourself
• Compliment someone in the bus or shop queue
• Learn five useful phrases in a foreign language, ready for your next holiday
• Take a different route home every day
• Play a musical instrument
• Take a sketch book to a beauty spot and draw what you see
• Eat something you’ve never tried before
• Arrange to see a friend within the next week
• Buy yourself a lucky charm – eg a pendant – that represents you at your strongest
• Write a song that represents an important feeling
• Donate to a charity that has meaning for you
• Start a blog about something you’re passionate about
• Create a mood board of images that inspire you
• Make a short film on your phone
• Learn to use an unfamiliar app
• Contact five people who could be useful to you and ask for their help
• Do something you’ve never done
• Write a short story or poem and share it with someone you trust
• Write down your goal for 2020
• Walk 10k steps every day for a week
• Book an activity that slightly scares you – sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, bungee jumping, etc
• Pick an unfamiliar word from the dictionary and use it every day
• Draw a logo for yourself
• Take a mindful walk, noticing and appreciating every little detail of your surroundings
• Do a yoga class, online or in person
• Interact with five new people on social media
• Paint a scene to pin up and inspire you on dull days
• Play an Xbox or Playstation game with your kids
• Take a dance class
• Leave a card with a message written inside tied to a park railing
• Book a session with a life coach
• Explore an area you’ve never been to before
• Plan a new outdoor activity for every weekend in January
• Read a highly acclaimed book that you wouldn’t normally go for
• Go through the day with the intention of being friendly to strangers
• Learn a famous poem off by heart
• Sow seeds in seed trays indoors eg: lettuces, cabbages, cauliflowers are good in January
• Make a collage out of flyers, bus tickets, concert tickets and photos from your happiest moments
• Join a choir
• Sign up for a 5k run
• Book three treats for the year – gigs, theatre, days out, festivals etc
• Contact someone that you know is struggling and arrange to meet up

These are just suggestions – add your own ideas. Remember that sometimes the small act of doing something out of the ordinary on a regular basis will help you brave tougher challenges and make you feel ready to face the New Year head on with a can-do mindset. Tag two friends to join you and share pics of your challenges, the best will win a prize. Be a little more audacious in January with our 31 day challenge and restart the new year with oomph.