To find your true calling you need to work out what your values are.

Women are increasingly seeking their purpose in life and want to define their identity beyond children and home. And it’s not just about having a successful career – we want to make a positive impact on the world around us and walk our own authentic path.

So how do you find your purpose?

I get asked this golden question all the time. But what strikes me the most is our own inability to see what is clearly in front of us. We’d like to do great things, have brilliant ideas and follow our hearts but somehow those ideas stay hidden as we keep pursuing small daily stuff, feeling slightly uninspired and underwhelmed.

That was me three years ago. Having founded DrivenWoman, the now thriving accountability club for women who want to achieve their goals and dreams fast, I was wondering how I could take the brand to the next level. We were running a handful of Lifeworking groups in Central London but I couldn’t afford any PR and quite frankly, it was me, myself and I as the core team, so resources were scant.

I was used to filling up my day from start to finish with a lot of ‘doing’. I wanted to be efficient and feel like a real entrepreneur. One day on my weekly trip to the Kent countryside instead of listening to my favourite podcast I decided to just ‘waste my time’ and drive. And as I was listening to the radio creative thoughts started flowing in.

In the car that day I was finally present with myself, with my values and what I’m really about. I know I’m here to grab women by the hand and cheer them on, pulling them out of their comfort zone in the direction of their best life.

And there it was! As I was thinking of who I am – my deepest, truest self – it suddenly hit me. I literally heard the words “Festival Of Doers” inside my head. Or was it in my heart?

I knew instantly what I needed to do. It was to create a day that wouldn’t just inspire but would help women get over themselves, help them to commit to their dreams and goals and take action. It would be a celebration, not a symposium. I’d bring together women change makers and demonstrate what success means to women from all possible angles, not just from a monetary perspective.

I had never put together a big event. Nor did I know any important people in London. In truth I had no experience whatsoever to make this ‘dream event’ a reality.

Yet I had everything I needed.

I was passionately connected to my purpose and ready to make things happen. I was living my values and putting my full authentic self on the line. That’s what living your purpose actually is. It’s nothing more complex than that.

But it’s so much easier to keep looking for your purpose on the outside and listen to yet another podcast, than to say: “Today I’m going to live by my true values!’

The short cut to living your purpose is to start honouring who you are, now.

Yes, now. Immediately. With no delay. Dare to take a break and let your heart’s desire emerge, then take immediate, uncompromising action.

It blew me away what happened when I followed my purpose unconditionally. And you can do it too! My event quickly became very popular and is now on its third year.

Miisa Mink, founder & chief-doer at DrivenWoman and creator of Festival Of Doers.

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