Menopause is a journey with no map.
You must write down where you’re going
all the time or you’ll forget why you’re there
or here or wherever.
Try to remember what you wrote it on
and where you put it.
I say, always put it back
in the same place you found it,
even if it is a silly place.
I say, it may even be worth making a note
of that place and putting that
somewhere sensible
or silly.

But then again . . .

Menopause is a journey through time, not space.
An inter-dimensional, alternate universe,
out-of-body odyssey.

There will be times when you
are not in the same room
as your physical self.
And someone is talking to you
but there isn’t enough of you in you
to comprehend.
Because you’re mostly floating on the ceiling.

I say,
there isn’t an awful lot you can do
about that.

Lizzie Nelson’s book Fair To Piddling: A Journey Through Midlife In Humorous Verse is available to order from Waterstones.