If alcohol has turned into a false friend, here are some ways you’ll gain by walking away.

To anyone doing Dry January this month, congratulations. Your body will be thankful. Just don’t expect to feel any different or to have lost any weight by the time January 31 comes around. That’s because it takes a few months to really feel the benefits of an alcohol-free body. I know, because I did Sober October in 2018 and, by October 31, I hadn’t lost an ounce and I probably felt a bit worse, if I’m honest. So, when a friend advised that I needed to stick at it if I wanted to experience any positive changes, I decided to stay off the booze for three months. That’s to say, until January 1 2019.

And that’s exactly what I did.

By New Year last year, I was feeling so much better for not drinking alcohol that I thought I’d continue being tee total. Previously, I had got into the habit of drinking wine every night and I knew the amount I was drinking over the course of a week was not good for my health.
Here we are 15 months later, and these are the seven results I am experiencing:

1. I don’t have hangovers any more
2. I have lost a stone in weight
3. I am saving money
4. I get up earlier
5. I feel more positive
6. I am more productive
7. I am sleeping soundly. I used to wake up incessantly during the night and often for long periods of time.

No-one is more surprised that I am by the fact I haven’t had a single alcoholic drink since Sep-tember 30 2018. But, I have to say, doing Sober October and continuing it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Those seven points above speak for themselves.

So, I encourage you to see Dry January through to the end of the month. And why not think about continuing until the end of March to really start to enjoy the benefits of being alcohol-free?

Words: Carole Seawert
Carole Seawert is a copywriter and tone of voice expert who can help bring your brand to life through words.