It’s an oldie, but definitely a goldie, as I give this book 5 five gold stars! This has to be one of my favourite books of all time that I keep going back to when I need a quick reminder that my reaction to everything is within my control and based on how I choose to see and feel about a situation. The phrase I often use from it is: “You can’t change the weather but you can change the clothes you wear to change the way you feel”.

Sharing techniques for dealing with all types of situations, whether in business, in the workplace or in your personal life, it’s a great self-development book to have on the shelf and a help to anyone who struggles to prioritise and organise themselves when they have too many pressures on their time. Many people have found this book to be life-changing and re-read it whenever they need a top-up of confidence and clarity.

First published in 1989, this pioneering self-help business book is still very relevant today. Yes there are parts that don’t resonate with me or areas that don’t align with my thinking but it’s still a powerful tool to have in my toolbox. Stephen Covey was a man who was true to his beliefs, and some parts of this book are definitely a little old fashioned, but there’s still plenty of powerful content to keep you engaged.

According to Wikipedia The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. Pick up a copy if you haven’t read it, take some of it with a pinch of salt, but read it with an open mind and an interest in change and rest assured that some of the learnings within will stay with you forever.

Faye Watts