By Hal Elrod

I hadn’t actually read The Miracle Morning in full before it had already changed my life – kind of like The Secret, or The Alchemist, those books that really pique your interest and change your thinking from just hearing the idea… A friend mentioned it to me, so I hopped over to YouTube to watch a summary video. I ordered my copy that day!

Yes, it means getting up a bit earlier but with two young children, early mornings do not faze me. Instead of getting up early to scroll through Insta-gram or catch up on Bake Off, it’s about making real use of that time, and that really appealed to me. It has opened my eyes to the small but signifi-cant changes I can make to my routine before the sun is even up.

The Miracle Morning gets you to make the most of the first hour after you wake, going through steps he brands life S.A.V.E.R.S and then putting them into practice. And I’ve definitely seen a noticeable difference to my produc-tivity and patience for the rest of the day, by starting it with Silence, Affir-mations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing.

Running a business and having a young family, after getting up I can soon find myself on the back foot most mornings, with my day spiralling out of control. But now I find I have a real chance to prepare for the day and for my future and the key steps make it easy for me to apply to my time each day. Before The Miracle Morning I was not finding time for myself, for my development and my mental health – and you can forget ever reading a book! On the rare occasion I have missed doing my miracle morning, I’ve genuinely missed it. I love getting up and sitting there with a cup of tea en-joying the silence each morning. Definitely recommended!

Rochelle Dallas