The real voices of menopause: women open up in emotional new film

It’s a subject clouded in mystery, but now six women have opened up about how the menopause has affected their lives in an emotional short film lifting the lid on this taboo time in our lives.

Stories: The Real Voices of Menopause is a heart-breaking, illuminating and inspiring film showing the impact menopause has had on their relationships, careers, sex lives and mental health.

Speaking honestly and openly, these brave women discuss:
• going through menopause aged 14;
• being unable to have sex;
• losing confidence at work;
• struggling to be heard.

Featuring real women of all ages and from a variety of cultures and lifestyles, Stories: The Real Voices of Menopause highlights the common themes uniting women at this time to break the wall of silence. Created by Pausitivity, the team behind the viral social media campaign #KnowYourMenopause, which has appeared on BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 News, plus national and regional press and radio across the UK, the film features Nicky, Vicky, Laura, Michelle, Janice and Hayley. They have all gone through different types of menopause – surgical, “natural”, temporary, premature (Hayley started her periods and then about a year later, aged 14, they stopped for good). “We wanted to highlight the common theme that runs between all menopauses. If you’re suffering and not getting the help, it doesn’t matter how you got there!” says Elizabeth Carr-Ellis, one of the Pausitivity team and founder of 50 Sense, a fantastic resource for women who need advice and support on all things menopausal.

You can watch the film here.