SIDEHUSTLE From Idea To Income In 27 Days

SIDEHUSTLE, From Idea To Income In 27 Days
By Chris Gillebeau

The idea that we can all turn a skill into a nice little earner or fill a market niche with ease is one we’d all love to believe, and Sidehustle certainly gives you the tools and advice to make it happen. But throughout you can get the sense that it’s easy, that in some cases minimal effort is required and that success can be like falling off a log. Which is a lovely and alluring idea. But I found it slightly misleading in this respect.

It probably didn’t help that I didn’t read the book but listened to it via Audiobook. The author’s delivery is quite deadpan, very quick and functional, so you never get the sense of there being any drama, any struggle. Perhaps this is to counteract any tendency to overthink things.

But while there are undoubtedly many success stories when it comes to side hustles and entrepreneurialism, there are far more ideas that come to nothing, after you’ve sweated and fretted through night after night to achieve the ‘financial freedom’ Chris keeps talking about. And decision making as you test your ideas out can give rise to stress a-plenty.

So take the ’27 days’ bit with a pinch of salt (not that you need telling that). This book is possibly not aimed at anyone juggling responsibilities like home, job and family. Having said this, this book has so much wisdom on how to recognise a great side hustle idea, how to market it and how to expand on it so that you have more than one extra revenue stream. And it galvanises you to just give your ideas a go. So read it and take loads of notes so you can take the tips and draw up a more realistic timeline. Then hand it to a young entrepreneurial friend or relative – it’s much more aimed at them.

Marina Gask